Useful Guide on How to Expedite Passports in U.S.

Can you image how disturbing it can be on realization that you cannot travel since you have misplaced your passport or your passport has expired and you need to make a fresh application? Like cases has made many people to miss lucrative opportunities that might have been a turning point in their lives. The federal government in trying to solve these cases have developed expedited passports services that one can use to actually hurry up the passport application time and ensure that they get a valid passport for their abrupt travels. Let’s go through some of the important steps that you can follow to ensure that you rush the application of your passport without even inquiring the assistance of firms providing such services.

In case you are traveling in the next four weeks then you need to follow the following steps to get your passport faster.

Begin by ensuring that you get all the materials that are need for the application of passport by going to all the relevant offices that provide the services. The most important one is to know what do if at all you is not having the US birth certificate.

After having all the required materials then you should know how much you will be required to pay as the service fee. You are supposed to add $60 on top of the normal service fee will act as expedite fee and make sure you add this fee to the normal application fee.

From here the next stage is getting the passport application address that you will us. This is the address that will enable you get your passport faster so it is advisable to have an address that you are more convenient with where the passport will be mailed to.

Then insert all your materials and the payment method in an envelope and address it to the relevant office, the envelope should be indicated ‘expedited’ on the face then proceed by taking the envelop to the post office and if possible pay for the overnight delivery services so as to be on the safe side then post it. After all these is done you can comfortably wait for your passport for a period of four weeks.

This procedure is very easy to extend that you can execute it by yourself without seeking for the assistance of other firms who will also follow this same channel and charge you’re an extra fee for nothing. The payment should only be directed through the federal government and not any other person or broker to ensure that you get through this process faster and efficiently.

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